Club 3510 [kluhb thirty-five ten]

About Club 3510

Bibliophiles, Espressonists, and Foodies unite! Come and let’s enjoy books, coffee, and food. These are life’s simple pleasures that can provide joy and much more.

Books, coffee, and food — there’s a certain joy found in these words. And that’s Club 3510 is all about.

Club 3510’s posts are categorized in the following sections:

  • Reading Nook: All about books, reviews, and why you should read it
  • Books to Films: Movie and TV adaptations, reviews, and more
  • Barista Sessions: Coffee recipes, drinks, and more
  • Food Life: Food recipes, favorite dishes, and desserts
  • Cafétorials: Lifestyle, health, relationships, and editorials

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Read. Taste. Explore!

Copyright: All photos, graphics, and contents are owned by Club 3510 unless credited to its respective copyright owner. If you find photos, images, text or other material published by Club 3510 that you are the copyright holder and don’t want us to publish it, contact us and we will remove the content as soon as possible.


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