Nacho Molina’s Illustrations

Tywin Lannister by Nacho Molina

For those of us who were captivated by HBO’s Game of Thrones, there is an extraordinary artist that captivated the essence of this epic story. His name is Nacho Molina, so prepare yourselves, check his work, and be mesmerized! Winter is Coming!

Galbert Glover by nachomolina

Galbert Glover by Nacho Molina

Based on his profile, Nacho Molina is a Spaniard and a professional artist that is currently living in Liverpool, UK. This explains his detailed and vibrant executions of masterworks; Spaniards are one of the most talented and highly trained painters in the world — the old and the new.

Lannister by nachomolina

Lannister Bannerman by Nacho Molina

He faithfully captured George R. R. Martin’s vision of his characters from the books: A Song Of Ice And Fire (ASOIAF). By the way, the books are much different from HBO’s TV-hit Series. I would say the books have more soul than the tube!

Small John Umber by nachomolina

Small John Umber by Nacho Molina

According to Molina’s page, some of these illustrations were commissioned by a gaming company called Fantasy Flight Games.

Timett by nachomolina

Timett by Nacho Molina

We hope that some big time producers commission Nacho Molina to create GOT graphic novels, and we will surely buy it without thinking; yes, we will do that!

A king in the north character by nachomolina

A Red Woman by Nacho Molina

Of course, if there’s an illustrated novel of ASOIAF drawn by Nacho Molina, we will definitely have those also; fingers crossing!

Deepwood Mercenary by nachomolina

A Deepwood Mercenary by Nacho Molina

Nacho Molina does not only illustrates ASOIAF but also Warhammer, Lord of the Rings, Warcraft, Marvel, and other sci-fi characters; a visual feast for the eyes!

A Pirate by Nacho Molina

A Westerosi Pirate by Nacho Molina

According to Nacho Molina, this Westerosi Pirate character is for a game expansion entitled, A Sword in the Darkness. Just reading and hearing it pass my lips makes me want to purchase this game just to fill the waiting gap of George R. R. Martin’s The Winds of Winter.

Tully Septon by Nacho Molina

Tully Septon by Nacho Molina

Suddenly we all wished that we can draw like Nacho Molina. Fret not, he also provides tutorials on his social media accounts. Isn’t that nice, paying it forward. Bravo! Cool guy! Hear Me Roar, next time!

Orell the Eagle War by Nacho Molina

Orell the Eagle War by Nacho Molina

Now, here is a good illustration how Orell, the Eagle Warg, scratched Jon Snow’s face for killing him (I mean, his body), thus entrapping his mind inside his pet eagle. And of course, for snatching the affection of Ygritte, the fiery redhead, from him. Sobs, Ygritte is our fave!

Auren Waters by Nacho Molina

Aurane Waters by Nacho Molina

Thanks for Nacho Molina’s illustration of Aurane Waters, the handsome bastard of House Velaryon, we now understand  why Cersei had fallen to his charms. Cersei made Aurane a member of the Small Council and awarded him the post of grand admiral under Tommen’s rule. Aurane played Cersei’s vanity that made her fund a fleet of dromonds. After Cersei’s capture by the High Sparrow, Aurane fled with the dromonds and became a pirate king. He is one of many of Cersei’s mistakes!


Note: All illustrations in this article were made by Nacho Molina from his Deviant Art account.


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