Inihaw na Liempo

Salt & Pepper LiempoSituated in a tropical paradise, blessed with 7,101 islands, and rich with unending mountain ranges, the Philippines is your best bet in experiencing that summer-vibe all year round. And what’s the best meal partner for the summer life? That’s easy, it’s Inihaw na Liempo – Salt & Pepper Style! Long Live Summer! Get to know why this Filipino dish calls for an unending summer celebration!

Salt & Pepper Liempo


Whatever the season is, the Philippine sun is always shining brightly. Whether you are a beach lover or a tree hugger, this Southeast Asian paradise has a special place for you. Pick your choice: crystal blue waters, white sand beaches (even pink), mystic rivers, enchanted caves, cool mountain life, and breathtaking peaks. And some would claim that there are storm-free (or storm-shy) areas in parts of Palawan and Mindanao. So if rains up north, go down south!

Another thing to take note, this country has a year-round PISO-FARE promo. Meaning, domestic airfare ticket cost drops to One Peso! (plus taxes, of course) No one can beat that! Definitely, definitely, it’s more fun in the Philippines!

Having unforgettable meals are vital factors to make your journey count. Sardines and crackers can only do so much. And no one should suffer weeks of can-opening, and instant-noodle-making, neither on blasting your budget on fine restaurants.

Being a wise traveler is learning how to cook and to cook wisely. One of the easiest meals to prepare is the Salt & Pepper Liempo. Its ingredients are simple: salt, pepper, and pork belly — ingredients which can be found anywhere in the Philippines, and most likely your place too.

Liempo, the local term for pork belly, is the most favored meat of the Filipinos. If Americans can’t live without bacon; Filipinos can’t live without liempo. Give us our liempo! Its flavor is unforgettable: salty crisp, succulent and tender, and this grilled delight will surely hit that spot that you are in a tropical paradise. So be the savior of your outing buddies and have Salt & Pepper Liempo for your next travel!

Some fancy words about this dish:

  • Liempo: local term for pork belly
  • Inihaw: local term for grilled
  • Barbecued Liempo: a variation, done with sweet barbecue marination
  • Suka: local term for vinegar, the preferred dipping sauce for the grilled liempo

Best enjoyed with:

  • Steamed Rice
  • Ice-cold Coke
  • Minced onions with ketchup for dipping
  • Minced onions and garlic with vinegar for dipping
  • Salted chopped onions and tomatoes with roasted eggplant
  • Ripe mangoes for dessert

Restaurants that offer this dish:

  • MESA: Grilled Liempo Mesa Way @ 195.00 Php
  • Somethin’ Fishy: Grilled Liempo  @ 165.00 Php
  • Dencio’s: Inihaw na Liempo @ 199.00 Php
  • Homer’s: Grilled Liempo @ 95.00 Php

Note: Most restaurants, by default, serve liempo in sweet barbecue marination, but you can always ask for the salt and pepper style, as a request. You will be needing a charcoal and grill  for this.

With that, let’s start cooking!

Salt & Pepper Liempo


  • Liempo, 1 kilo, approximately 4 pieces
  • Salt, 8 tbsp
  • Pepper, 8 tbsp

Optional: Lemon Juice, Vinegar, Soy Sauce, and Minced Garlic for the marination


  1. Generously rub each piece of Liempo with Salt and Pepper
  2. Marinate for at least 15 minutes to an hour
  3. Grill the Liempo over charcoal and test-fork the meat if cooked; if no blood is coming out, then it’s cooked
  4. Serve while hot

Salt & Pepper Liempo

Additional Information

  • Serves: 4
  • Preparation time: 15 minutes
  • Cooking time: 45 minutes
  • Dish: Filipino
  • Related recipes: Barbecued Liempo

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